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Privacy Policy

I take the protection of your privacy and personal matters seriously.
  • Any data relating to your person that you transmit while visiting this website will be treated in accordance with the law on data protection.
  • Personal data that you transmit via the website while contacting GB Taxation will only be used to answer your query and not to send you any information regarding our services unless you are or become a client or you otherwise indicate that you wish it.
  • I will not pass your information on to third parties unless this is required for the purposes of the business or is required by law.
  • I do not sell any personal data to third parties.
  • Any personal data that you transmit to us will only be saved for as long as this is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which sent it, or to the extent stipulated by the law.
    [Tax records are required to be kept for a minimum of 6 years]

  • Furthermore ...
  • I don't discuss your personal affairs with other people.

Privacy - My Background

Privacy and confidentiality of your information is important to me. Although I worked for HMRC after the merger with Customs and Excise my roots are in the 'old' Inland Revenue, where confidentiality was all-important and loss of personal information on the scale of events in late 2007 was unthinkable!
I adhere to these old-fashioned values.

There are further reasons why you can be more relaxed about entrusting your personal affairs to me:

  • I wish to keep my good reputation
    I am not an employee; if you're unhappy you will walk away from me and probably tell many others. I have a real incentive not to let you down!
  • I operate on a small scale
    I do use a computer but there are no massive amounts of information on computer networks ready for someone to pass on to someone else or for somebody to lose.
  • I will not reveal personal details about you except as follows:
    • If I need assistance on matters of law or practice:
      With many years experience in the Tax Office, I am able to deal with most general tax matters on my own, BUT if I do need to consult ... any information will usually be anonymised - I won't reveal your name or other details which might identify you unless I have told you what I propose to do and why and obtained your agreement.
    • I may be required to do so by law (this is unusual), in which event I would normally let you know about this as soon as practicable.
    • I need to be able to conduct routine correspondence with HMRC or similar official bodies.
    • If you ask me to or otherwise give me specific permission
  • I take reasonable precautions to safeguard information you give me
If you should have any questions or comments, please contact me.
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